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September 16, 2021: "Trails for All" – A Coming Together of the Trails Community in Nova Scotia

End Date:September 18, 2021
Location:Louis Millet Community Complex, New Minas

NS Trails is excited to announce the details of our upcoming event – "Trails for All."

Trails for All
 is an event for those that love, build, and want to know more about trails. Over the course of 3 days, we will talk and learn about how we can protect, enhance and expand our trail system so that all Nova Scotians can enjoy the benefits of trails for generations to come. Let’s bring the trails community together, seek the experience of those who are currently working on the trails and the wisdom of new ideas, innovations and people around Trails for All. 
Trails for All’s program is inspired by the recently released Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia. The Shared Strategy for Trails reflects a shared vision and a blueprint for action that engages all players in the province’s trail community. Based on the Strategy’s core goals, our program is divided into four themes:

  1. Going Farther Together: The power of collaboration within the trails sector
  2. Energizing the Movement: Empowering trail builders to follow their passions and first-timers to get involved
  3. Planning for Success: How robust planning provides a path to reach our vision
  4. Connecting People and Pathways:  Innovate ideas in creating and promoting positive trail experiences

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