August 1, 2022: Hands-On Public Workshop

Start Time:2:30pm
End Time:4:30pm
Location:Halifax Lancers, 1690 Bell Road, Halifax Nova Scotia
Contact Email:[email protected]
Contact Phone:902-423-6723

Starting on August 1st and ending on August 12th, there will be workshops everyday from 2:30-4:30pm

 Visit the website listed on this event to go about registering for one of the workshops!


Workshop Information

Connect with the Horses of Halifax through hands-on workshops! Each workshop will be one hour long for groups of up to 8 participants aged 6 and older. Workshops are located in the stables and happen on the ground (no riding). 

 We are offering two workshops topics: 

Learn to Groom - Experience the power of the horse through touch, learn how to groom a horse, and become comfortable with a horse on the ground. 

 Learn to “Speak Horse” - Horses don’t verbally speak but they do communicate with us. Learn to “speak horse” and how to communicate with them by interacting with a horse on the ground in this hands-on workshop.

No horse experience is required! Whether you have never been near a horse or are a long-time horse person who wants to spend some time with horses, the Horses of Halifax want to see you

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