September 25, 2022: CANCELLED: Musical Ride Performances

End Date:September 25, 2022
Location:Hants County Exhibition, Windsor, Nova Scotia
Contact Email:[email protected]
Contact Phone:902-423-6723

The Musical Ride was the genesis of Halifax Lancers. The Musical Ride
began in 1936 by Mr. Dick Zwicker as Canada’s first youth equestrian “drill
team” performing precise choreographed shapes and figures to music.
From both the 16 horses and junior riders, the Musical Ride requires great
technical skill and ability but also patience, character, dedication, and determination.

The Musical Ride scarlet uniforms are a defining feature and
are unique to the Lancers.

The Musical Ride is a wonderful showcase of the horse's adaptability and
skill, as it is only one of the many roles they play at Lancers. The Musical
ride is put together each year with the help of many dedicated
volunteers. Come enjoy the pageantry, sportsmanship, and art of the
Musical Ride!

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