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Memberships for Competitions

For Scotia Series Competitions, an NSEF Membership is required for the athlete and the owner of the horse. Click here to access more information on the NSEF Membership.

For Breed, NRHA, and other club sanctioned competitions, please refer to the individual associations rules and regulations to ensure you have the required affiliate memberships required for competition. 

For Equestrian Canada competitions, requirements depend on the discipline and level of the competition.  Before purchasing an Equestrian Canada (EC) sport license, individuals need to have their NSEF membership.  Passports and discipline affiliate fees may apply depending on the level of competition as outlined in the Equestrian Canada rulebooksClick here to access more information on purchasing an EC sport license.

NSEF Skills Class

The NSEF Skills Class is an athlete development initiative unique to the NSEF.  It will provide the basis for identifying future provincial team athletes.  Vital to the success of this program is your participation – both by providing the classes and by entering them!  Feedback throughout the competition season is welcome!  For more information on the NSEF Skills Class please click on the links below:


Jumper Skills Class at Scotia Series Competitions

Jumper Skills Class at EC Competitions

Dressage Skills Class

Reining Skills Class