NSEF Athlete/Team Programs

NSEF has several exciting programs in 2018 for athletes in different stages of the LTED Pathway. 


NSEF Oakhurst 3DE Program

In partnership with Horse Trials Nova Scotia (HTNS), NSEF will be sending a three-member team to an exciting 4-day event in Ottawa at Oakhurst Farm, August 23-26, 2018. More information can be found below.


 JC Anderson Medal Program

Founded in partnership with the 11 Provincial/Territorial Canadian Equestrian Sport Organizations (P/TSO’s), the J.C. Anderson Athlete Bursary Development Program is an initiative generously supported by J.C. Anderson and the Anderson Family Foundation. This program is for Jumping Athletes competing at a 1.2m level.


 Rocky Mountain North American U30 Championship

This program is designed to give young athletes the feel and experience of Olympic style competition. The three phase 1.30m championship will be held annually over a three day period at the Rocky Mountain Show Jumping venue in Calgary, Alberta. Athletes from across North America are welcome to compete and can apply for travel bursaries to offset costs.  The championship will award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the winners. Athlete development bursaries will be awarded to competitors up to 10th place in the third phase with the Champion receiving $5,000.


Atlantic Canada Equestrian Championships (ACE)

Atlantic Canada’s Equestrian Sport Organizations are pleased to announce the Atlantic Canadian Equestrian (ACE) Championships.  The disciplines of Dressage, Eventing, and Jumper are included in these Championships being held in fall of 2018. For each discipline, there will be one or two levels of teams.

Atlantic provincial equestrian organizations will field teams representing their respective province. This event will be used for athletes in the “Learn to Compete” phase of the athlete pathway by testing their skills with their competitive peers, while at the same time providing an avenue for talent identification for future initiatives.  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to be presented to the top three teams.   Individual awards will also be presented.

NSEF has developed an expression of interest form to determine if we have enough athletes to field teams in each province. 

Submit the Expression of Interest Form by August 24th, 2018!

ACE Championships will be as follows:

Dressage (Training & First Level) - September 14-16th - Sussex, NB

Eventing (Entry & Pre-training) - September 23rd - Strathgartney, PE

Jumper (1.0m & 1.10m) - October 6-7, 2018 - Sussex, NB




Click here for more Information and links to the forms for these programs.