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September 18, 2023: The Senior Horse

End Date:September 19, 2023
Introduction:This Equine Guelph short online course will cover everything to do with senior horse care. This course will be divided into 10 units that can be completed at your own pace over the course period.

  • Understand how to define a senior horse 
  • Describe the changes related to aging in horses (e.g. teeth, body condition, thermoregulation)  
  • Discuss some appropriate nutritional approaches for senior horses   
  • Explain what might cause lameness in a senior horse and what lameness looks like  
  • Understand what biosecurity is, why it’s important, and the basics of developing a biosecurity plan  
  • Understand what might be involved with breeding senior horses (e.g. risks, procedures and costs)   
  • List Management Recommendations and Minimum Requirements for housing the senior horse, and important tips for fire safety  
  • Describe how to evaluate a horse’s quality of life and create an end of life plan  

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