A Reward Program for Recreational Riders & Drivers

The Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation (NSEF) Ride & Drive is designed to provide recreational riders/drivers an extra incentive to spend more hours in the saddle for practice, exercise, therapy or just plain fun.


Who can participate?

NSEF members of any age who are:

  • Riders of all disciplines

  • Drivers


How do I join this program?


Is there a fee?

  • A one-time fee of $20.00 


How does it work?

Upon enrolling, you will receive a Ride/Ride Rewards Program Logbook:

  • Simply log your hours in your logbook 

  • Submit your hours on a regular basis (keep a copy for your records) by using the recording slips in the logbook

  • Mail slips to: Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation, 5516 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1G6

  • Fax slips to: 902-425-5606

  • Receive awards based on your progression

  • You can take as long as you wish to complete all reward levels. However, hour slips must be submitted within 12 months of being earned to be eligible for a reward. Time out of the saddle is not included (i.e. grooming).

Reward Levels occur at the following intervals:

  • 25 hours

  • 50 hours

  • 100 hours

  • 150 hours

  • 200 hours

  • 300 hours

  • 500 hours

  • 750 hours

  • 1,000 hours