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Helmet and Concussion Resources

Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED2)

NSEF Western Rider Level Progress Report -  This is a tool for coaches to help students (and parents) to monitor progress as they work towards the next level.

Multi-Sport Coaching Education in Nova Scotia

Coach Resource Guide - Coach resource guide supporting young athletes who are deaf and hard of hearing in a mainstream setting

Insurance Information for Coaches and Students - This Insurance page outlines the automatic personal insurance coverage that is a NSEF Membership benefit, NSEF Member Optional Insurance products, Club Insurance Information, and Coach Insurance Application & Frequently Asked Questions.  Coaches should ensure appropriate coverage with their insurance provider as it is not covered by the automatic insurance that comes with the NSEF membership.  The automatic coverage information can be provided to clients to explain the insurance coverage that comes with the membership and the contact information for the insurance provider if they have any specific insurance questions.




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