The NSEF Scotia Series is a provincial program designed to promote and encourage participation in western, english, hunter, hack, jumper, dressage, and driving disciplines across Nova Scotia. The program supports community horse clubs, generating interest and encouraging athletes and coaches to achieve personal success at competitions at an introductory or grassroots level.

The NSEF supports and facilitates the activities that take place at qualifying events to ensure athletes of all ages, recreational or competitive, have the opportunity to compete.  Scotia Series rewards athletes and their horse for their dedication by recognizing their efforts at the local, district and provincial level through our series' awards program.

All Scotia Series Competitions are found in our Events Calendar 

Download/view the Scotia Series Rulebook

Organizers who wish to host a Scotia Series competition can contact the NSEF Office for details. Scotia Series competitions can be held in conjunction with other competitions and organizers are not required to host all Scotia Series classes.  Simply host the classes you want to hold. 

Organizers submit the Scotia Series Application with the $30 application fee and the bond cheque, copy of the prize list/competition information, and a copy of your competition insurance before the competition. 

After the competition, they submit any  NSEF memberships you collected on our behalf (if applicable), the Scotia Series Remittance Form (1 page), the competition results and the $3 per competitor fee (one fee per competitor in the Scotia Series competition).  This fee can be charged directly to the competitor or included in the competition administration fee.  The fees go towards year-end awards and the administration of the Scotia Series.

Scotia Series District & Provincial Awards

The Awards will be presented at our Annual Awards Reception in November.  The Scotia Series Points are available for competitors to check throughout the year and there will be a short final audit once all of the results are entered (normally early October).  Click here for a list of 2018 Scotia Series Awards.

2018 Scotia Series Provincial Championships

In partnership with Hants County Exhibition, we are excited to announce that we are to host the first ever Scotia Series Provincial Championships!

On September 22nd and 23rd, the NSEF Scotia Series Provincial Championships will take place at the Hants County Exhibition Grounds. Athletes from around the province will represent their district in the following divisions:
Western Performance Senior
Western Performance Junior
English on the Flat Senior
English on the Flat Junior
Showmanship Senior
Showmanship Junior
Driving Open

More information on the qualifying process can be found by clicking here.

Invited competitors will compete during Hants County Exhibition classes and their placing in the Hants County Exhibition class will be converted to Provincial Championships points.  Provincial Championship Awards will be presented based on the point totals for all of the Provincial Championship Division classes at Hants County Exhibition.