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Equestrian Nova Scotia supports our Scotia Series Officials Program and the Equestrian Canada (EC)/Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) Official Programs. 


 Scotia Series Officials Program



We recognize that the recruitment and training of officials are vital to the sustainability of our sport, especially at the entry level. As such, we have invested in creating a specific officials training program to build a repository of trained NS officials for Scotia Series competitions. By offering training and professional development opportunities to interested candidates, our provincial level competitions will be further enhanced by qualified officials.

Our first phase is the training of Scotia Series Foundations Judges and Scotia Series Discipline-Specific Judges.   As this program develops, the pathway for certification will evolve.

Scotia Series Foundations Judge Recognition

The Scotia Series Foundations Judge Training program supports all Scotia Series divisions. A recognized Scotia Series Foundations Judge is trained to judge at a multi-disciplined or general performance Scotia Series competition. Training at this level does not include discipline-specific competitions (some exceptions may apply).  As we continue to develop the program, our aim is to build on its capacity.  Our ultimate goal is to have ample, qualified Scotia Series Foundations Judges and Scotia Series Discipline Specific Judges in place to meet all Scotia Series competitions needs.  Foundation Judges may be able to judge at discipline-specific competitions based on training and experience.


For current Scotia Series Foundation Judge course dates, please check the Equestrian NS Calendar of Events (it will be listed in the Coach/Education Event type).

Scotia Series Discipline-Specific Judge Recognition

Scotia Series Discipline-Specific Officials Recognition Program is designed to educate candidates wishing to become involved in the sport as officials at the provincial level, with potential to move along the officials pathway. This program offers training and professional development to recruit and sustain our sport with well-trained discipline-specific officials. 

Application and other required documentation for this program are found here:

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Equestrian Canada and Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) Programs


For more information on the Equestrian Canada and FEI Officials Program, click here.


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